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Ireland b. 1979




David Eager-Maher graduated from the National College of Art and Design in 2009 with an MFA in painting.


David’s practice is concerned with adopting and transforming significant cultural motifs and allegories that appear within the history of painting. His drawings and paintings delicately consider 'possibility'. By combining his world view with the historicity of imagery and a contemporary visual culture awareness, his work functions as a quasi description of time. Orchestrated like stage sets or animation background paintings, he uses imagery from the history of art, often combining historical association with the imagined.


Traditional drawing and painting techniques and historical motifs are adapted and re-imagined, conjuring new narratives that traverse a host of personal and contemporary motifs. Ideas and narrative are conjured through subject matter, surfaces, materials and deliberately adapting various historic drawing techniques. Saturated with a charged opulence, his work proposes a world where gravity is ignored, distance collapses, time becomes suspended, accosted to a space of personal logic.


David’s work is held in the collections of Dublin City University, NUI Maynooth, Dept of Foreign Affairs, Dept of Justice, OPW and private collections in Ireland and Internationally. 

Follow link to Oliver Sears Gallery for more images of David's work.

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