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USA b. 1972




Since 1997 Ptolemy Mann has been running her own studio practice, which she established on graduation from the Royal College of Art. Her unique approach to hand dyeing and weaving wall-based, architectural art works has become the basis for a modern-day Bauhaus philosophy of art making and design underpinned with intelligent colour theory. 


Her time consuming and unique approach to creating these art works has evolved over a twenty-year period. Exquisite dynamics of colour move across their fine surface creating a painterly sweep. The term chromatic minimalismhas been applied to her work and she is heavily influenced by Abstract Expressionism and architecture. 


Mann is interested in making large scale, emotional work that expresses a deep sense of craftsmanship and precision through an abstract narrative. She has completed many large scale, site specific art installations using a number of materials and processes and exhibits and lectures regularly throughout the UK and abroad; writes for the magazine Selvedge, curates and has received two grants from the Arts Council of England. She has recently been commissioned to produce a large scale work for the restaurant at Tate Modern London.

Follow link to Taste Contemporary for more of Ptolemy's work.

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