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This autumn Brian Kennedy presents a new series of curated exhibitions under the title REAR WINDOW in partnership with, Taste Contemporary - Geneva, Oliver Sears Gallery - Dublin and Ting-Ying - Hong Kong.


At a time when international art fairs, biennales and exhibitions continue to grow in scale, it seems timely to re-ignite our desire to connect with art in a more intimate way, to view work in a space that relates to our domestic environment, to prompt starting points for collections. 


Thematically connected and presented in a space that eliminates disciplinary hierarchies, curator Brian Kennedy now brings us REAR WINDOW; a series of four thoughtfully curated exhibitions that explore different attitudes to contemporary creativity. Over eight weeks from October to December 2019, REAR WINDOW presents separate, but linked shows that address concerns within contemporary art, craft and design.


Beau-laid introduces the notion of beauty within work that might, on the surface, be perceived as ugly; Parallax invites us to consider artists’ varying viewpoints; Florid presents us with old fashioned extravagances within contemporary art while Repeat investigates meanings around repetition within abstraction.


Through sensitive curation, REAR WINDOW invites both existing and new collectors to view art in a culturally relevant and exciting, yet intimate space that offers a fresh insight into a world made more interesting by things.



4 Masons Yard, St. James, London SW1Y 6BU

30 October – 20 December 2019


BRIAN KENNEDY is an independent curator working predominantly in the craft and applied art area. 


Between 2002 and 2010 he curated a series of major exhibitions for the Crafts Council of Ireland, Including Forty Shades of Green at the Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork and Crafted Creatures in conjunction with the Ark – Children’s Cultural Centre, Dublin. Following this, he curated the highly acclaimed exhibitions, Material Poetry and Dubh – Dialogues in Black at the American Irish Historical Society, New York.


In 2014 he curated the critically acclaimed exhibition Vase Vessel Voidfor the Oliver Sears Gallery and in 2015/16 'In Residence I & II for the same gallery in London. 


Other notable projects are Walpole's Crafted Makers of Excellence'

exhibitions at Somerset House, London in 2013 and at the Royal Academy, London in 2014. In 2015/16 he curated Taste - Contemporary Craft at artgenève and artmontecarlo

2016 also saw him return to the National Craft Gallery Ireland with VASE : Function Reviewed a major survey exhibition of international contemporary ceramics.


In October 2016 Kennedy was appointed Artistic Director for the TRESOR – Contemporary Craft Fair, Basel, Switzerland, which was launched in September 2017. In 2018 he curated a major exhibition Dialogues Through Time for TRESOR, Basel, Switzerland.

2019 saw a return to artgenève  with Taste ContemporaryArt and also to MIART and the planning of a major exhibition of Textiles and Ceramics in Geneva in September.


Kennedy works with state agencies, museums, galleries and private collectors to develop strategies, organise exhibitions and build collections within the craft and applied art areas.


Curated exhibitions:


2019 Taste Contemporary at artgenève, Switzerland

2019 Taste Contemporary at MIART, Milan, Italy 


2018 Dialogues Through Time, for TRESOR, Basel, Switzerland

2018 Taste Contemporary at artgenève, Switzerland

2017 Taste Contemporary at artgenève, Switzerland

2017 TRESOR17, Basel Switzerland  


2016 In Residence II, Oliver Sears Gallery @ 33 Fitzroy Sq. London, UK

2016 Silver-The Dark Side, Goldsmiths’ Fair, London, UK

2016 Vase : Function Reviewed, National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny,         2016 Ireland and Farmleigh Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

2016 Taste Contemporary at artmontecarlo, Monaco

2016 Taste Contemporary at artgenève, Switzerland

2016 Oliver Sears Gallery at London Art Fair, UK

2015 In Residence, Oliver Sears Gallery @ 6 Fitzroy Sq. London, UK

2015 Taste Contemporary at artgenève, Switzerland

2015 Crafted, Fortnum & Mason, London, UK

2015 The Crafted City, Contemporary Applied Arts, London, UK

2014 VASE : VESSEL : VOID, Oliver Sears Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

2014 Crafted–Makers of the Exceptional, Royal Academy, London. UK

2014 Craft into Industry, Contemporary Applied Arts, London, UK

2014 Feast of Silver, Fortnum & Mason, London, UK

2014 Taste Contemporary, Blondeau & Cie, Geneva, Switzerland

2013 Craft into Industry, British Ceramic Biennial, Stoke-on-Trent, UK

2013 model : making, Contemporary Applied Arts, London, UK

2013 Roll Up Roll Up, The Ark Childrens Cultural Centre, Dublin,                     Ireland

2013 Crafted–Makers of the Exceptional, Somerset House, London, UK

2013 Mad for Tea, Fortnum & Mason, London, UK

2012 domesticMATTERS, Contemporary Applied Arts, London, Uk

2012 dubh / dialogues in black, Oliver Sears Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

2011 dubh / dialogues in black, American Irish Historical Society, New            York, USA

2010 Crafted Creatures, The Ark Childrens Cultural Centre, Dublin,                 Ireland

2010 MATERIALpoetry, American Irish Historical Society, New York,                 USA & Galway Arts Festival, Ireland

2009 Object, National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny, Ireland

2009 National Craft Gallery of Ireland at Collect, Saatchi Gallery,                      London, UK

2008 National Craft Gallery of Ireland at SOFA Chicago, USA

2007 Hue, Line & Form, Contemporary Applied Arts, London, UK

2007 Mythology, Ecology, Technology, National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny              and Farmleigh Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

2007 National Craft Gallery of Ireland at SOFA Chicago, USA

2006 National Craft Gallery of Ireland at SOFA Chicago, USA

2005 40 Shades of Green, Glucksman Gallery Cork and tour to                      Dublin, Europe and USA

2002 Of Colour in Craft, National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny, Ireland

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