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Canada, b. 1976 


Stephanie Rowe is a Canadian visual artist who has been living in Ireland since 2005. She graduated with BA in Fine Arts from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her work has been shown in various commercial and public galleries in Dublin and Vancouver. She exhibited in ‘Futures 12’ at the Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin. Also at the RHA in 2012, she was co-awarded the Hennessy Craig Scholarship.


The world that the artist brings onto her very small scale panels is broadly drawn from film stills. Here, an imaginary historical context is drafted to create an intimate and personal legend. The almost miniature scale of the paintings gives them a physical resemblance to film stills, from which the artist is broadly inspired, or negatives, and there is a certain irony in carving out an image in oil that is the antithesis of the fluid, film making process. The jewel like quality of size and craft demand scrutiny.


Rowe’s work can be found in private collections in Dublin, London and Vancouver as well as public collections including McCann FitzGerald Solicitors, Fishburns Solicitors and Emily Carr University. 

Follow link to Oliver Sears Gallery for more about Stephanie's  work.

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