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Belgium b. 1962


Anne Marie Laureys thinks of her ceramics as metaphors for feelings. She starts the process by throwing a classic, symmetrical pot. Whilst the clay is still soft and wet, she pulls, folds, pinches and punctures it. The tension of the clay underneath her fingers dictates the way the folds take shape.


Her pieces have a spontaneous, unplanned quality but in reality she takes her time to find the shape of a vessel, remoulding and refolding the clay over and over again until it speaks with her unique voice. No two works are ever the same. Her ceramics are renowned for their sense of excitement, freshness and tactility.


Anne Marie studied at the Higher Institute of Arts St Lucas, Ghent. Her work can be found in private collections internationally and are included in the official collections of the Province of Hainaut, Belgium, The Taipei county Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taiwan, The arts and Crafts Museum of Shanghai, China and the Keramikmuseum, Westerwald, Germany. 

Follow link to Taste Contemporary for more of Anne Marie's work.

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