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Sweden b. 1977


Inspired by aspects of popular culture, Fredrik Nielsen assimilates graffiti, music, videos and performance within his practice as a glass artist creating large-scale works that challenge existing hierarchies within art and contemporary craft. Largely experimental, his works defy the notion of smooth finishes and balanced forms, often appearing unfinished and rough around the edges, sometimes even incorporating other elements such as car paint to recreate the energy experienced by the artist while making the work.


Originally studying glass at the Orrefors Glass School in Sweden, Nielsen went on to study at both the Pilchuck Glass School in Washington and the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.  He has also completed an Artist–in-Residence at Corning Museum of Glass. In his work he questions the concept of contemporary art glass, continuously exploring the role of the artist. Nielsen creates glass forms that completely destroy ideas of standard normality; seeking to push the material as far as it can go, his practice has even included performance elements such as acrobatics and live music.

Follow link to Taste Contemporary for more images of Fredrik's work.

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