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Italy b. 1988 & Taiwan, China b.1982


The duo met and began working together while on the MA course at the Royal College of Art, forming their London studio after graduating. Cristina Vezzini specialises in hand crafted ceramics and Stan Chen is an accomplished glassblower. The creative partnership brings together their two disciplines, materials and styles within unified compositions; the two sides and forms artfully interact, creating a compelling visual dialogue.


The designers’ personal fascinations shine through their work and use of form; geometry, texture and repetition within the ceramic, and fluid simplicity with the glass. Growing up next to Lake Garda with both parents being scientists, Vezzini has been influenced by organic forms and microbiology, fascinated by the underlying structures and geometric shapes within nature. Chen’s focus is led by the material nature of glass and the process of glassblowing by hand. Working with glass in its molten state requires speed, rhythm and a respect and understanding of its fluid nature. This is reflected in Chen’s glass forms, the simplicity and grace dictated by the material itself.

Follow link to Ting - Ying for more images of Vezzini & Chen's work.

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