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Norway b. 1970


Heidi Bjørgan graduated from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design with a masters in Ceramic Art and Creative Curating. Just like the great American potter George Ohr [whose goal was never to make two identical works], Heidi Bjørgan challenges the notion of what a potter may be by ‘removing’ all traces of acquired professional skills. At times her ceramic works look as if though they have melted and imploded in the kiln and her glazes are dynamic and expressive.


Rather than expressing herself through creating new forms, Bjørgan replicates the shape of non-valuable everyday objects. Already discarded as trash and now combined with clay, her reconstructed objects are given a second chance. Presented in a new context, or even given a different function, they are imbued with new meaning, acquire a new value and offer a different aesthetic experience.


Heidi Bjørgan is represented in the collections of the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo; the KODE museum, Bergen; the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway; the Victoria and Albert, London as well as in several private collections. 

Follow link to Taste Contemporary for more images of Heidi's work.

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